About us

From a wife’s care and concern for her husband’s allergies came a line of natural, non-toxic household cleaning products which clean without adding harmful chemicals.

Made from the fermentation of pineapple, PiPPER STANDARD is the result of years of dedicated research and development to invent a line of natural household care products that are both safe and as powerful in cleaning as chemical products. PiPPER STANDARD products are free of known allergens, hypoallergenic certified, and are readily biodegradable. We believe the skyrocketing rates of allergies and similar maladies worldwide are caused by excessive exposure to chemicals. By providing consumers a full line of natural household care products to use in lieu of traditional chemical-based products, we can decrease our exposure to harmful chemicals and help care for others by fulfilling our vision to decrease allergy rates and to decrease contamination of our environments.

At PiPPER STANDARD, we believe “A Healthy Environment Starts At Home”




Our active ingredient comes from pineapple fruit fermentation. We use lactobacillus, a good bacteria you would find in a yogurt, to convert sugars in the fruit to various bio-surfactants, organic acid, natural enzymes, and natural preservatives. As a result, we don’t have to add harsh, harmful, synthetic chemicals to our products.


We sent our products to a leading third-party institute to confirm that they are hypoallergenic. Our products underwent clinical trials where dermatologists placed our products on patient’s skin. The trial tested whether our products would cause a reaction after resting on skin for an allotted period of time. The trial confirmed that our products are hypoallergenic, as they did not cause any rashes or reactions on the patients.


We confirm this statement from two tests. First, we put drops of our product in a cup housing aquatic plants. Over time, we found that our product had no harmful impact on the aquatic plants. Comparatively, we ran the same test using chemical laundry product, and found that the aquatic plants died within a few days.

Second, we sent our products to Thailand Textile Institute, who confirmed our products biodegrade more than 90% in 1 month. As our products biodegrade, they become natural minerals that help fertilize soil.


When you manufacture with natural products, Quality Control (QC) ensures that there are no contaminations from unwanted bacteria or other microorganisms. QC is the heart of any operation. Starting from sourcing and selecting raw materials, to cleaning, processing, mixing, packaging, inspecting and sampling, there are multiple QC procedures to make sure that our products meet full international standards.