The story of PiPPER Standard began when Mr. Peter Wainman realized he was allergic to some chemicals used in his everyday life.

He asked his wife to switch to natural products; however, they could not find any natural products with good manufacturing standards and that cleaned well. The home remedies, such as baking soda, were safe, but could not clean as effectively as industrially produced, chemical-based products could. His mysterious allergic reaction made his wife keen to find out what chemicals were responsible. After months experimenting with various products, she found out his allergy was triggered by chemicals in household cleaning products. 

Some chemicals used in typical cleaning products can trigger various health problems

Some chemicals, such as petrochemicals, used in typical cleaning products contain known allergens and can trigger various health problems such as allergies, asthma and other maladies. He and his wife were therefore determined to seek a way to come up with natural-based household care products that were safe to use and could achieve the same level of cleaning efficacy as chemical-based products.

That determination translated into years of extensive research and development until they finally came up with the magic potion. Fermented pineapple fluid created by PiPPER STANDARD is held to a high quality control standard throughout the production process. The fermented pineapple fluid, along with other concentrated natural extracts, have since become the key active ingredients in our household care products that prove to be as effective as chemical based products. When compared with other natural-based products, PiPPER STANDARD stands out from others in the market with its premium quality that is free from hazardous petrochemicals, allergens, and radical inducing agents that could accumulate and transform our body cells into cancerous cells.

"After years of extensive research and development, our scientists discovered a powerful natural ingredient that can be a substitute for normal chemical surfactant used in synthetic products: The amazing power of pineapple."


After years of extensive research and development, our scientists discovered a powerful natural ingredient that can be a substitute for normal chemical surfactant used in synthetic products: The amazing power of pineapple.

Our pineapples go through a high-standard selection process, purchased directly from local farmers to develop the rural economy in Nakornsawan, Thailand. We clean the pineapples using our technology before putting them through fermentation process. The process is closely monitored and quality is controlled by our scientists to ensure the best yield from our fermentation process.

Our pineapples are sourced from local Thai farmers to support the local rural community. We select only qualified pineapples to be cleaned and fermented using a processing standard recognized by international standards. Our fermented pineapple fluid is hygienic and highly effective as the key active ingredient in PiPPER Standard products.

Pineapple Power

PiPPER Standard products are the fruits of care and attention to detail by local farmers and our meticulous scientists. Arrival at this line of natural and effective products requires care, teamwork, and dedication to meet the high standard PiPPER Standard is built on.

"PiPPER Standard is the result of years of dedicated research and development "


Our Certifications

USA Patented Technology

Pipper Standard has received four USA Patents for its innovative pineapple fermentation cleaning technology - to our knowledge, we are the only brand for natural household cleaning with patented technology. We also have multiple patent applications pending across approximately 70% of the world’s GDP under the global Patent Cooperation Treaty (http://wipo.int/pct/en/), a treaty to which more than 140 countries are signatories.

Hypoallergenic and Allergy Certification

Our laundry detergent products have been clinically tested and certified to show they are hypoallergenic. Additionally, our laundry detergent products do not contain any allergen specifically listed under the allergy patch test which is approved by the U.S. FDA (the T.R.U.E. TEST ® http://www.truetest.com/panelallergens.aspx).

Our hypo-allergenic certification is from Dermscan Asia (http://www.dermscanasia.com/main), a fully equipped research laboratory on chemicals, cosmetics and food supplements, was established in 2002 with technical collaboration rendered by Dermscan Group in France. Dermscan Asia is dedicated to provide a broad range of efficacy and safety tests to meet customers’ need for regulatory claims and/or marketing claims of their R&D products. Dermscan Asia’s team comprises of dermatologists, scientists and technicians who have specific research experience.

ECO Certification

The ECO label means our products are biodegradable and environmental-friendly. Specifically, we meet the following criteria: our products biodegrade by themselves more than 90% within one month; our product base is natural and our manufacturer uses a green manufacturing process.